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Welcome at Kocie Zakamarki*PL

Welcome at our friendly doors. We would like to introduce our cats and tell you a bit about how our adventure with the Norwegian cats began. Make yourself comfortable and feel like home. Enjoy.



16th June, 2018


...the last kitten from our D litter is looking for his forever home.

Deimos Kocie Zakamarki*PL, n 22, male
23rd April, 2018

D kittens are growing fast...

Here are some pics of our 7 week kittens :)

Django, male, d 03 23
Deimos, male, n 22
Delilah, female, n 09 23
24th September, 2014

Our Swedish Princess

Far, far away in a nearby Kingdom surrounded by beautiful forests a handsome Prince was born. He grew up in a loving and carrying home. Surrounded by princesses, princes, cat sitters, servants – a usual life in a usual Kingdom.

In such great conditions he became a handsome youngster. As it usually is, one day the Prince had to leave his home. The journey to his new place of residence was not long. He was warmly greeted by all members of his new family.

As we all know a Prince should have his Princess, so they can both lead a happy life surrounded by little princesses and princes. The Good Queen started the quest for an ideal wife-to-be. Of course the Prince did not even bother his head about all the fuss connected with the search. He was sure that the Queen would choose right or at least would try to.

Far, far away in a distant country, across the sea, woods and highways a Princess was born. As soon as the Queen saw this sweet and well-born lady she wished she would become a member of her family. Everything between the two Kingdoms was settled and we just had to wait. The Prince was informed about the engagement. The couple lead their lives as usual taking advantage of their carefree lives.

As we all know life is not a fairy tale… our Prince did not live to meet his Princess…The Kingdom sunk in deep despair, however through tears and grief the Queen had decided that the Princess shall come and live in their Kingdom.

Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce our Princess S*Zygot’s Iris. 

Special thanks to Annika- thank you for letting me have her and Magda - you know :)

S*Zygot's Iris
S*Zygot's Iris
22nd September, 2014

Our sweetheart

Our little purring machine is still looking for a loving home

X-treme Kocie Zakamarki*PL
X-treme (f 09 23)
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